First-Party Data Playbook

First-Party Data Playbook

To coincide with the 44th FIPP World Media Congress in Portugal, FIPP has launched a brand new report dedicated to cultivating successful first-party data strategies in the post-cookie era. Dubbed the ‘First-party data playbook for publishers’, the 60 page study acts as a quintessential handbook for implementing such strategies, and FIPP members can download the report freely here.

There are case studies from Dotdash Meredith, The South China Morning Post, RTL and others, as well as a deep-dive analysis into some of the key opportunities – and challenges – facing media owners at this significant time of industry transition. 

‘Publishers reside in two distinct camps,” says the report. ‘Those that have been collecting first-party data for years, and those that are scrambling to catch up. Billions of dollars are at risk for those publishers without the targeting data to power programmatic campaigns, which represent upward of three-quarters of all digital campaigns globally.’ 

‘Many media companies still have only one percent or three percent of known users in their databases. Those media companies with subscriptions and registration operations tend to own significantly more first-party data.’

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