Google Digital Immersion Week: an exclusive, 5-day programme for magazine media

Google Digital Immersion Week: an exclusive, 5-day programme for magazine media

Presented by Google in partnership with FT Strategies and FIPP, Digital Immersion Week (DIW) provides a premium 5-day training course for media professionals in the EMEA region (with others to follow). Supporting participants in the development of their own digital strategies, it combines elements of one-on-one coaching, practical activities, and expert speaker sessions to deliver a modern approach to digital training. 

Registrations are currently closed.

For any questions about registrations or the course itself, get in touch via e-mail

What does it cost? 

DIW is completely FREE to attend, but we are only able to accept 10-12 participants per programme, so we encourage potential attendees to get their applications in early to be considered for upcoming convenings. 

The course is delivered digitally, in structured bursts throughout the day, immersing training into the traditional working week and allowing participants to digest – and apply – learnings while carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities. 

Who can attend?

It’s open to all magazine media professionals currently operating within the EMEA region, although we suggest that it is particularly applicable to those working within the areas of operations, product development, reader-driven revenue models such as subscriptions, and digital media transformation. 

While we encourage the attendance of individuals, particularly to take advantage of the one-on-one sessions with experts, it is also possible for busy teams to ‘sub-in-and-out’ other members to share the learning load throughout the week.   

Find your North Star

The guiding principle of the training is to help attendees finish up with their very own ‘North Star’ approach to digital strategy – a tangible blueprint for implementing digital success that can be taken away at the end of the week and applied pragmatically to each attendee’s individual organisation. 

Participants will benefit from exclusive industry insights, case studies from the FT and magazine media brands, one-on-one sessions, expert speakers, and ultimately a highly valuable opportunity to learn from – and converse with – other industry peers.

Specific topics

  • Monday: The transformation – define your transformation objectives
  • Tuesday: Building relationships – create data-driven personas
  • Wednesday: Deepen engagement – develop data-driven engagement tactics
  • Thursday: Monetising your readers – build your monetisation strategy
  • Friday: Driving the change – develop a draft North Star and your next steps

Next convening

The next Google Digital Immersion Week will start on September 26th 2022 and you can register your interest here

What attendees say 

Lukasz Załuski, Editor-in-Chief of Focus/Head of Editorial Team at ELLE Man & National Geographic

“The whole week was about the digital journey. It contains a lot of interesting lectures that we participated in, as well as some activities through which we could work on our own cases. It was really inspiring, helpful and useful. What I liked the most was the one-to-one consultations with the mentors. The personal approach made me feel like I was being taken care of, and my specific problems from my field were discussed with experts and other people. That’s the best thing about it – it’s not like a lecture, it’s a workshop with a very personal approach.” 

Elina Schüller, Media Director, Aller Media OY, Finland

“When I joined this class, I was coming in with an open mind and basically looking for the FT’s learnings. I was really keen to dive into that, and it was really exciting. And I got plenty of learnings from it.  For example, we have already worked on similar things to the FT, but we are in the early phases of our journey. So hearing how they have built out their key areas and in particular their North Star concept was very interesting.”  

Dorien Luyckx, Board Member to advise on digital strategy and business model, EOS Magazine, NL + BE Region

“Determining a north star that fits all departments (both editorial and commercial) can help move innovation faster throughout the company. By actively engaging and setting some time apart for the workshop, it gave us time to think about possible new steps without being distracted by the day-to-day business, infusing energy into new projects.”

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