Global Digital Subscription Snapshot – Q3 2022

Global Digital Subscription Snapshot – Q3 2022

The latest instalment of the Global Digital Subscription Snapshot has now been published, and you can download it for FREE here! In his introduction to the report, FIPP CEO, James Hewes, provides a candid overview of the current state of play in the subscriptions sector today: 

“Just as we are starting to feel the chill of Winter approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, so perhaps we are also starting to feel the chill of the approaching freeze in digital subscriptions. Growth for most brands remains healthy, with period-on-period gains of 5% or more for many – but this is significantly down on the position at the same time last year, when low double-digit growth might have been expected each quarter.”

This latest instalment of the report includes all the latest updates from the usual big hitters – from the NYT and WJS, to Netflix and Disney – as well as a deep-dive into longer market tails around the world. Happy Reading!

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