The Future of Content

The Future of Content

Authored by Will Roth, Head of Content & Strategy at The Foundry,  Meredith Corp’s content agency, the “The Future of Content” whitepaper sets three new rules for engaging women effectively:

1. Flexibility first: From streamlined approvals to tapping into a global talent pool and remote production, flexibility in planning and messaging are a must.

2. Be real: For years the industry has championed ‘authenticity’ but data shows women today have very specific desires from brands on that front – including more relatable influencers, unscripted celeb moments, and grittier production values.

3. Less is more: While content consumption is up, she actually wants less frequent, more thoughtful experiences from brands. See who’s doing it well.

Join Will Roth and FIPP CEO James Hewes in a FIPP Insider webinar to discuss the whitepaper.


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